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In this short movie Ray Comfort does an excellent job of bringing logical reasoning into the debate of Abortion and a women’s right.

The problem most Pro-Abortion activists have is an inconsistent reasoning when it comes to the issues of why they think killing a baby while it’s still in the womb is okay.
Though this movie is only 33 minutes in length, Ray and his team do an excellent job in bringing the real issue to the surface.

As stated by Ray, many people have tried to convince him to remove the gospel presentation at the end. But as Ray rightly argues, it’s the gospel that is needed to change the hearts of people. Though his arguments are great for helping to save the lives of babies, the gospel is needed to be able to save the adults.


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1 review for “180” Movie (DVD)

  1. cocomitchell12

    Excellently done. An imperative film for today’s world!

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