Hell’s Best Kept Secret (Book)


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Why are so many unbelievers turning away from the message of the Gospel? Doesn’t the Bible tell us how to bring sinners to true repentance? If so, where have we missed it? The answer may surprise you.

  • How many souls have you won to Christ?
  • How many are still walking with the Lord? All? Some? A few?

Here are the facts: Evangelical success is at an all-time low. We’re producing more backsliders than true converts. The fall away rate from large crusades to local churches is between 80 and 90 percent

Discover when, why, and how the enemy buried an important key needed to unlock the unbeliever’s heart. Now Ray Comfort boldly breaks away from modern tradition and calls for a return to biblical evangelism.

If you’re experiencing evangelical frustration over lost souls, unrepentant sinners, and backslidden “believers,” then look no further. This radical approach could be the missing dimension needed to win our generation to Christ.


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