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101 Last Days Prophecies is a new 32-page booklet (4″ x 6″) from Eternal Productions. Inside is proof, laid out simply, that the Bible – which declares History in advance – is truly the word of God. It also includes the most important questions plaguing mankind; Is there really a God? How can we be sure? Can you get to Heaven by being “good”? . . . if not, what must I do to be saved? This booklet matches referenced end times prophecies with internet weblinks describing their recent, current, or “on the horizon” fulfillments that will demand the attention of those unacquainted with God’s awesome Word. They will be able to see, with their own eyes, detailed prophecies unfolding in our time, right on the evening news. It will also excite and encourage the Christian as well, reminding them of God’s promises. We believe this booklet to be a powerful witnessing tool, as it only takes one remark concerning current events, to open the door to share the love and grace of our God to a soul in danger of eternal judgment. Prophecy validates the Word of God, so put it in their hands! Read it here

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1 review for 101 Last days Prophecies Booklet

  1. Joyce Garbet

    This is an excellent booklet with great information, to share with believers and non-believers alike.

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